Luke Reviews – Breaking Bad

“I am the one who knocks.”

I don’t know where to start in my praise for this show. I’d even go as far as to far it is the best thing I have ever watched.

I was late to the Breaking Bad party, only starting to watch it this year, 9 years after the first season aired. This meant I had already seen the ultimate spoiler, but this didn’t impact my watching of the show at all: in fact, it made me enjoy it more, as I watched with anticipation for this scene.

However, this one spoiler could never have prepared me for the five seasons of shocks and twists that Breaking Bad serves up effortlessly.

Breaking Bad tells the story of chemistry teacher Walter White, who becomes diagnosed with terminal cancer. Desperate to provide for his family’s future before he dies, he teams up with his former student Jesse Pinkman to create and sell crystal meth. This brings him into contact with the dangerous criminal underworld, where he is forced to deal with the drug lords who run the industry, putting his life, and the lives of everyone he loves, at risk.

There’s no area of the show I can criticise: the characters, the acting, the visuals, the writing and the plot are just perfect. Even the inevitable filler episodes are entertaining, and you can’t help but watch ‘just one more episode’ in every sitting.

First of all, Bryan Cranston, who plays the lead character Walter White. He starts off a timid Chemistry teacher, and ends up a formidable badass with a fearsome reputation. Cranston is at the centre of this, his acting simply sensational. The character is so believable, that you forget he is fictional and become transfixed in Walter White’s world. This is true for every character, as they all give captivating and realistic performances. You become very attached to them all, making all the deaths far more hard-hitting, and you’re more glad for those who survive.

The writing and plot are essentially what keep you hooked. There’s never a dull moment, and each season works up to a stunning conclusion which leaves you begging for the next. Such iconic dialogue scenes as ‘I am the one who knocks’, and ‘Say my name’ are unforgettable. When a conversation can have this profound an effect on you, you know the writing is brilliant. That’s not to mention the dramatic scenes of action which leave your jaw hanging on the floor, leaving you stunned in disbelief at what you’ve just seen.

Now onto arguably my favourite part of Breaking Bad: the stunning visual aspects of the show. The camera shots, the locations, and visual effects make it a beautiful viewing experience, even in the most brutal or shocking of scenes.

I’ve found some examples of the cinematography Breaking Bad offers:

As you can imagine, it makes for a truly enjoyable viewing experience.

I’ll be sure to write more about this show, as it has had such a big effect on me. If you want to have an enriching, powerful and exceptionally well-made show to watch, look no further than Breaking Bad.


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