Song Focus – Young and Menace, Fall Out Boy

“I’m just here to become the best yet”

Fall Out Boy today released the first single from their upcoming album ‘M A  N   I    A’, due to be out on 12th September.

The single is called Young and Menace, and debuts a surprising change in sound for the typically rock-orientated band. The chorus drops to an EDM, Dubstep-esque sequence which at first stuns you, as it juxtaposes so much from the calm, tuneful verses. Upon a second or third listen, the drop is anticipated, and you appreciate it more. The ‘Y-young and menace, y-young and menace’ which repeats throughout this part of the song becomes stuck in your head, meaning you can’t stop singing it afterwards.

The song features some deep lyrics, and it’s been suggested that the song has an underlying message about mental health. Lines such as ‘there’s a madness…coursing right through me’ and ‘I was losing my mind’ suggest this is the message being portrayed in the song. Also, the hectic, out-of-control drop in the middle could be seen to represent the madness of suffering from mental health problems and be an interpretation of how the brain is feeling.

With its meaningful message, and catchy, unforgettable EDM chorus, this is definitely an exciting change in direction for Fall Out Boy. Whether their album will continue this sound or keep to the FOB sound we know and love remains to be seen, but the signs are very promising and I personally am very excited to hear more of their upcoming music.

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