Luke Reviews – Luke Cage

“Sweet Christmas”

I loved Luke Cage, despite a fair amount of criticism the Netflix Original show received.

Mike Colter is Luke Cage, real name Carl Lucas. He’s a former convict who is near-invincible, combining incredible strength and bulletproof skin. It is set in Harlem, a neighbourhood in the northern section of Manhattan in New York City.

One of the most notable points to make about Luke Cage is the almost entirely black cast; Cage, his enemies, his allies, and almost everyone he meets. I find it really cool that Netflix have really embraced the culture, complete with a brilliant soundtrack showcasing black artists and also a homage to Biggie Smalls in one of the most iconic scenes I’ve ever seen, when Cottonmouth is seen standing in front of a large painting of him.

Luke Cage prides itself on its cinematography and the aforementioned music aspect of the show. Here are a few standout shots from the series:

My personal favourite is the bottom-right picture, which features Cornell ‘Cottonmouth’ Stokes standing in front of the crowned picture of Biggie.

Luke Cage himself makes for a formidable, likeable hero who dispatches hordes of minions with his super-strength and letting bullets bounce off his skin as he does so. He’s such a cool, calm and collected character which means you can’t help but like him.

In Episode 3, Cage rips the door off a car and uses it as a shield and weapon as he battles through hordes of Cottonmouth’s armed men. The bullets deflect, and he throws his opponents with no effort at all. His strength is combined with skilled fighting which makes him an unstoppable force.

With awesome fight scenes, incredible music and cinematography, and a plot which twists and turns, fore-fronted by a kick-ass main character with an interesting backstory, Luke Cage is a brilliant addition to the Netflix Marvel Cinematic Universe series.

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