Editing Photos on Instagram (1)


Above you can see the before and after of an Instagram post I recently uploaded of Buckingham Palace in London.

As you can see, a lot of editing went into the image before posting, and it has made it a far more interesting picture.

My first thought when I had the unedited picture in front of me is that the Palace itself isn’t clear enough, made darker by the bright sky above it. In addition, the people in the bottom left hand corner were distracting I thought, so when cropping the picture to fit to Instagram’s size, I cut them off at the bottom.

The Instagram filters of Lux, Structure and Warmth were the main ones used to edit this picture.

Lux brightens the whole image and intensifies the colours. It made the Palace stand out a lot more. Structure hardens the edges and makes the clouds, fence and building more bold.

The final main edit was the Warmth, which adds an orange/golden glow to the image. It intensified the gold of the fence, and gave the Palace much more colour compared to the dull blue/grey it was initially.

Finally I thought I’d increase the Shadows which added shadow beneath the terrace of the Palace, and gave the whole picture a lot more depth.

The final result is a much more vibrant, exciting image of Buckingham Palace. It stands out now, and the fence itself looks golden and shiny. From a dull, grey picture, a bit of editing has made it clear and bright with the main feature, the Palace, no longer too dark to see.

See the picture in all it’s glory here.


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