Luke Reviews – Iron Fist

Iron Fist: controversial it may have been, but you can take nothing away from the show as it is; a beautiful, well-made superhero story.

The final member of The Defenders to be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Netflix is Danny Rand, or the Iron Fist, played by Finn Jones. He is a martial arts expert, with the special power to wield the Iron Fist. He returns to New York City 15 years after being presumed dead, to reclaim his place in family company Rand. His childhood friends Ward and Joy don’t take well to his sudden appearance, and a lot of complications arise, especially once the malicious Hand start to get involved.

There’s been doubt cast over the fight sequences, pace and storytelling, but I found it really enjoyable. I absolutely loved the fight scenes, I found them exciting and authentic. I’m no martial art expert, but the scenes were well choreographed, fast-paced and brutal.

I’m a big fan of the 18-rated approach Netflix has taken to these series. Incredibly gory and savage scenes, a lot of bloody killing… it made it far more exciting.

Another thing I loved, was the acting. The characters are all brilliant, with complex personalities and backstories. Ward was my personal favourite as he goes through a Macbeth-esque breakdown, and actor Tom Pelphrey portrays it so sensationally.

Colleen makes for a great love interest, whilst this not being her only role in the show; she is a badass martial artist herself, and has a big role to play in helping Iron Fist defeat his enemies.

I was unfamiliar with the hero Iron Fist before this programme, but I fell in love with the power of ‘the fist’ as it displayed all it’s unstoppable capabilities. Able to smash down doors, send his enemies flying with powerful punches, block bullets and even heal people, its a pretty overpowered ability. The orange inner glow, that shows when Danny has called upon the Fist successfully, becomes an iconic on-screen sight, and you find yourself grinning when you know the Fist is about to be in action again.

What was enjoyable about Iron Fist compared to Luke Cage is that they are worlds apart in their approach to combat: Iron Fist is not bulletproof, so is unable to rush into a fight. He has to skillfully outmanoeuvre his opponents, before taking them out in equally skilled combat. Also, whereas Luke Cage bashes his opponents aside, the Iron Fist uses incredible martial arts moves to take his enemies down.

For brutal action, great characters and acting, and the expected brilliance of the Netflix cinematography, this is a very enjoyable viewing experience. I am incredibly excited to see the Iron Fist team up with Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage in what I can only expect will be one of the best Netflix shows.

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