Photography & Instagram

On 1st January 2016, I decided to stop shitposting on my Instagram account and only post ‘good’ photos. That is, photos that are deliberately artistic in nature, and of things that look nice. No more food pictures, selfies, and whatever else cringe-worthy material I was affiliating with myself on this form of social media.

I’m very proud of my Instagram. If you know me personally, you’ll know I don’t shut up about it. It’s one of my defining characteristics. I even have people that kind-of know me, talking to me about my Instagram.

“I like your Instagram!” I get on a regular basis. It doesn’t help my already inflated ego when people add comments like, “How did you make [content of photo] look so good? I’ve never seen [content of photo] look so good.” This is the highest compliment anyone can give me.

I’ll be honest, I am proud of the ‘eye for photos’ I have. Where other people don’t, I look up, I turn around, I crouch. I try and find different ways of looking at the things I see and visualise them as photos in my mind. I pride myself on taking a picture or finding an angle someone else might not have.

A year and 4 months on from when I decided to take Instagram seriously, I have 2500 followers, and if you compare my photos now to those a year ago, and especially those further back, you can see a big improvement. Have a look yourself  – my photos now are clearer, far better edited, and more creative: I don’t take pictures for pictures’ sake; I capture things that I think look good. Sunsets, architecture, silhouettes, landscapes: these are my unofficial specialist areas.

In part 2 I will be comparing some old photos to my new ones, and show the progress I’ve made in transforming my Instagram from a teenager’s photo journal, to an art gallery.

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