Artist Focus – ANoyd

Dashon Whitehead, known as ANoyd is a 23-year-old rapper from Connecticut, USA.

I have discovered his music recently, and instantly became hooked. His flow is incredible, lyrics are genius and the instrumentals and production are consistently really, really good.

He has released 4 albums (Summer in Sinsinati, Once in a BRGNDI Moon, Autumn in Sinsinati, A Time and Place), and has over 35,000 monthly Spotify listeners: he’s making a name for himself.

As well as this, he has several music videos made as well as some popular freestyles. He is genuinely talented, his rapping is smooth and effortless, as well as addictive. You can’t just listen to one song; you need to repeat that song, and then listen to all four of his albums in one sitting before you can drag yourself away.

My personal favourite song is ‘Altitude (Scared of Heights)’, from his album ‘Once in a BRGNDI Moon’. This is a song I can listen to on repeat for hours. It encapsulates everything that is so brilliant about ANoyd’s music; it starts with a really nice vocal instrumental which runs all the way through. It is a song about the fear of rising to stardom, with the metaphor of going ‘to the top’ represented in his references to finding his ‘altitude’ and being ‘scared of heights’.

That’s not to mention the great form ANoyd finds himself on this song; the wordplay is on point, his rhymes are flawless, and he talks about some meaningful topics that a lot of people can relate to, including unemployment “Fired from my job for being a couple minutes late” and staying motivated and optimistic when life isn’t going your way “Empty pockets got me way more focused than disappointed”.

The storytelling is also captivating in this song; here are a couple of sections of the lyrics:

So I ran into a surgeon at the grocery store
Dr. Dre’s blasting, playing some Illmatic
He tapped me right on my shoulder
Asked me If I’m enrolled in a college
Told him, “That shit ain’t for me to be honest
I don’t sit in class, I got a question I put my hands up
I’m on stage telling these people to put they hands up.”
He laughed a little then told me, “We built to learn in school.”
I told him, “You save lives right?
Well maybe one of my songs is saving a child’s life for certain too
So technically I’m a surgeon too.”


I close my eyes, next thing we know we up in November
Liquor Stains all on the radio I remember
Then I get that phone call like you open for Bryson Tiller
Then I get the bad news, few hours before I rap
I froze because they canceled all of the opening acts
My city like, “Bro, they can’t take your crown.”
Man, you good bro just don’t look down

ANoyd encapsulates the scenes so vividly and tells them solely through rap which I find admirable. Not to mention that you can’t help but jig, nod your head and dance to every line.

Already obsessed after only discovering him recently, any fan of good, creative and well-produced rap will love him and his music equally as much as I now do.

I’m going to be writing a lot more about this guy as he continues to bless our ears with his music. Make a note of the name: ANoyd. You’ll be hearing him soon.

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