Flash Fiction – Brain (Part 2/2)

This is all so surreal.

Wait have I been asleep again? I feel groggy. I can’t think straight. I remember the thought processes about the stages.

“Very impressive. Write that down.”

The voice again… the Figure? I don’t know what to do. This is an experiment. It has to be. I’m being tested on. But what for? Why me?

Movement. MOVEMENT. I CAN MOVE. Just my arms. But it’s movement. I remember how to move, despite having my memory seemingly wiped. When I woke up I knew absolutely nothing. I still know nothing. Except I have a very defined and precise memory of everything that’s happened since I’ve been conscious in this forsaken white prison.

Movement is so bizarre. You take it for granted until it’s taken away from you. Yet I’ve been granted it back. Partially. I can move my arms. But there’s nothing to reach for, nothing to hold, nothing to feel. I reach for my face. I feel human. For the first time since I woke up I feel human. I run my fingers over my forehead, my eyes. Down to my nose and mouth. I run them along my jawline and over my ears. I can’t reach around to the back of my head, something is stopping me. Of course. The Figure couldn’t allow me that much freedom. I bring my hands up in front of my face. They’re… familiar. I remember them. I mean, that shouldn’t be a surprise seeing as I’ve lived with these hands my entire life previous to this… this… situation.

I’m fair skinned. I have a scar on my right hand. Like an ‘X’. Strange. I don’t remember how it got there. My arms are skinny and covered in stretched black plastic material. It appears to be an all-in-one I guess. I feel the material… it’s cold. It shines. Reflects the intense white light that surrounds my vision. There are wires sticking out my arms. That must have been what prevented me reaching to the back of my head. They strain when I try to move my arms backwards. I pull at them but they don’t move. It’s like they’re part of the arm, they won’t move in the slightest. I find more of these wires in my legs. How did I not notice them before? I find my hands are back on my face. I don’t remember putting them there. I find more wires. In the top of my head. Three in total evenly spread across the top of my skull. As with the others, they’re secured. I can’t move them. Two more wires. One above each ear. What are they for? Are they controlling my brain? I don’t understand.

“He’s made excellent progress. The results are extremely promising.”

The voice again.

“I’m impressed. Keep monitoring him. It won’t be too much longer.”

Another voice. I don’t recognise this one. Who is the Figure talking to? And… why am I being monitored?

“I just wish I could understand what is happening.” What?! I spoke. That was out loud. I just said that out loud. I hear a rise of murmurs somewhere behind me. Huh. I remember it. For once I fully remember something without a shadow or blur making it faded. My voice is such a welcome sound.

~ ~ ~

The Figure suddenly appears in front of me. He’s still silhouetted so I can’t make out any features.

“What did you say?”

His voice is full of concern, confusion; he comes closer still to me. I still can’t define his face; I can only see his outline. He’s slim, with narrow shoulders and a long neck. I see a glint of light from a lens of glasses he’s wearing. He’s the stereotypical scientist, I think to myself. I register the question he’s just asked me. I concentrate to remember, then say;

“I… I said… I… I just wish I could understand what is happening…” My voice is hoarse from lack of use. It feels like an old car starting up and spluttering into life, rusty and worn out.

“Forget the stages. He’s ready. Skip to Operation 25.” The Figure calls to the mysterious controller of my mind set somewhere beyond my vision.

“Operation 25? What’s that?” My confidence is growing, I can feel it.

“You will know soon enough, Ar…” He stops. He’s made a fatal error; said something he shouldn’t have. The start of a name? Ar… I search the limited array of thoughts available to me in search of a distant memory related to this beginning to a word but I get no such luck in discovering what it is in its entirety.

“I want to know what’s happening. I want to know where I am. Who I am. Who you are. What this is.” I seek so many answers; so much knowledge. I need to know the truth and reality of my situation.

“The answers to all those questions, as well as the many more you must have, will be answered in due course. We have almost reached the end of your…” He hesitates, lifts his head from mine to the controllers behind me and having received the prompt he needed, continues. “…trial. We have a unique need for you. You’re very important to us. I am also very impressed, personally. It was meant to take at least three times as long as this…” He claps his hands together. He says nothing for an infinite moment, then walked out of my vision, which currently remains locked ahead of me.

The questions in my head grow by the second. The confusion continues to spread throughout my consciousness and in and out of every thought in my mind…

Who am I? What makes me so special? Why do they need me for this so-called trial? Why am I ‘very important’ to this evil team of the Figure and his mind controlling minions?

I’m no longer out of my mind as I so feared. I have a purpose. I’m here for a reason.

I just have no idea what that reason could be.

(End of Part Two)


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