A poem – Train of Thought

                     yellow bar
I grab the                         above my head and grip tightly
My life depends on this simple action
The train stops
at a station and we’re all violently thrown aside
One poor soul wasn’t holding on tightly enough and is sent cascading to the floor
Her funeral is next week
The carriage is moving again
and as it sways from side      to         side
The incredibly awkward, yet inevitable, situation occurs
My free hand brushes against someone’s bum
The 6 foot 5 man turns around
A quizzical expression on his face
I dismiss this with a simple, yet effective, phrase
“Sorry mate”
The train stops and the man departs “Mind the gap, please.”
I watch him as he travels to a distant land, where hands do not inadvertently touch bums

Train picture featured can be viewed on my Instagram here


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