Album Focus – J Hus – Common Sense

I hadn’t listened to much of J Hus before this album, or paid much attention to him, but both of these things are now impossible.

He’s now everywhere, his new album Common Sense propelling him into the limelight. So too is UK Grime as a genre, with Stormzy’s recent rise to superstardom helping all grime artists find prominence in the mainstream music charts.

J Hus made it to number 12 in the charts with his first single ‘Did You See’ which is a song I’ve become obsessed with in the last week, the main hook ‘Did you see what I done, came in a black Benz left in a white one’ has been stuck in my head since the first time I heard it. He’s also featured on Stormzy’s album Gang Signs & Prayer on the song ‘Bad Boys’ with Ghetts, and collaborated with Dave on the track ‘Samantha’.

The title track ‘Common Sense’ is equally as addictive as his first single, as J Hus combines his unique rapping style with flawless instrumentals and production, which is consistent all the way through the album. JAE5 is the producer on every track (except ‘Friendly’), and he announces his name at the start of each track to take credit for the brilliant backing sounds for every song on the album.

As I’ve mentioned, ‘Common Sense’ and ‘Did You See’ are the standout, and my favourite tracks on the album. However, honourable mention to ‘Friendly’, ‘Plottin”, ‘Goodies’, ‘Mash Up’ and ‘I Like Your Style’. ‘Goodies’ and ‘I Like Your Style’ feature a hook of really nice dance-y music which you can’t help but bop too, ‘Plottin” is a slow song, and ‘Mash Up’ features the ever-brilliant MoStack, so what’s not to love? Let’s not forget the cheeky songs like ‘Closed Doors’ and ‘Sweet Cheeks’ which make up the album, complete with the same great flow and instrumentals that are shown all the way through. ‘Friendly’ is the first ever J Hus song I heard and I wasn’t convinced the first time, but by now I absolutely love it. I have a feeling any rap or grime fan will react exactly the same way to J Hus’ music. Every song is amazing, though – these are just the ones that have stood out to me.

A well-produced, well-written, well-performed album, is the only way to describe the excellent debut from J Hus. If you’re into rap, or grime, or have never heard of either and want to give it a go – definitely give Common Sense, by J Hus, a listen.


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