Luke Reviews – Gifted

It’s not often a film can make you laugh, cry, angry, shocked and overwhelmed with happiness all in the space of two hours. But that is exactly what feel-good film Gifted does.

This film follows Mary Adler, a 7-year-old girl who, it turns out, is a mathematical genius. While her first grade class are learning 1+1, she calculates the square root of 7565. She lives with her uncle Frank, after her mother passed away just after she was born. Soon, news of her amazing brain gets out and her grandmother pays them a visit, trying to convince Frank that Mary should go to a school for ‘gifted’ children. Frank is against this, as he wants Mary to live a normal life. Thus ensues a battle of custody for Mary, as they both believe they know what is best for her.

I walked out of this film with a big smile on my face, a grin that lasted several minutes as I recalled all the brilliance that my eyes and ears had just taken in. First point of call – the actress that plays Mary, Mckenna Grace. This little girl was absolutely unbelievable. She was captivating on-screen, giving an incredibly believable performance. She had such a confident swagger about her too, which really added to her character. Supported by Chris Evans (Captain America), and Jenny Slate, Octavia Spencer and Lindsay Duncan, who all gave equally amazing performances, this film is full of talent. They are all overshadowed by the star of the show Mckenna, but brilliant nonetheless.

The story is the definition of an emotional rollercoaster. It lifts your heart, then crushes it, before lifting it once more. You’ll be grinning ear to ear, have tears in your eyes and all of a sudden there will be another twist to stun you.

For a rich, emotional story, believable characters, the unmissable Mckenna Grace, laughter, joy and surprises, go and see Gifted. You won’t regret it.

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