Song Focus – The Killers, The Man

“Who’s the man with the plan? I’m the man.”

This track is an epic return from The Killers, who have been missed since their departure, accompanied by a ‘Greatest Hits’ album a few years ago.

It starts off with a mysterious, building sound, like a speaker or microphone kicking to life, almost reflecting The Killers kick-starting their music after a long period away. Then it all hits you at once, a dance-fuelled, disco track that gets your foot tapping and your head nodding. Combined with Brandon Flowers’ impeccable vocals, it’s a joy to listen to. After a promising first verse, a gospel choir-esque build up of ‘you can’t break me down’ results in a brilliant ‘drop’ to the chorus that you simply can’t help but get up and dance along to. The inescapable lyrics are

‘I got gas in the tank

I got money in the bank 

I got news for you baby, you’re looking at the man’

As it’s the front man Flowers blasting out this chorus, it’s fair to assume they’re his words, showing he’s not short of confidence. But this confidence doesn’t come across as arrogant, instead you’re right there with him, singing the words at the top of your voice, announcing to everyone that you are, in fact, the man.

Other lyrics include ‘I got skin in the game’, which according to Genius means ‘you trust that the organisation you’ve invested in is going to be successful and ultimately profitable. In this case, Brandon’s “investment” was in himself, meaning he believes in himself and he knows he’s going to be successful in his endeavours.’

Another lyric is ‘I got a household name’, and with The Killers and Brandon Flowers both being household names, he’s happy to brag about the level of fame he’s reached. Finally, he straight up says ‘I’m gifted’. All of these things are his reasoning for declaring himself as ‘the man’. Back to my previous statement, you’re more than happy to belt out these lyrics of self-confidence.

The suave promotion for this track features Flowers very much being ‘the man’, in flashy cars and clothes. You can’t help but love the man (no pun intended).

To me, this song is an self-confidence anthem, and I can’t help but feel like I could take on the world when this song is playing.

With a sold-out headline slot at British Summer Time festival, and a brilliant song to announce their return, there’s no doubt about it: The Killers are back. Bring on the album.

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