Luke Reviews – Dunkirk

Dunkirk is an incredibly hard-hitting, yet exceptionally clever account of the historical events that took place in Dunkirk in 1940. An all-star cast featuring Harry Styles (who deserves credit for what is a great acting debut), Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh and James D’Arcy brings this gritty film to life.

Something that shouldn’t be overlooked about this film is that nothing is sugarcoated. It’s completely brutal, full of horrific scenes of death and violence. You really feel like you’re there, part of the events yourself, which makes it only more terrifying.

We are taken from the ground, to the skies, to the seas: no gruesome detail is overlooked. People are dying left, right and centre, in their masses. It makes for incredibly difficult watching, but this adds to the effect of the film. It presents itself more as a documentary than a fiction film. Thousands of people died in the events at Dunkirk, and the film makes no effort to hide this fact. Prepare yourself for brutal deaths, that make you barely able to watch.

That being said, it’s definitely worth watching. Dunkirk is beautifully made and shot; the story lines are exquisite, the filming locations look amazing, the camera shots, audio and the editing; everything is amazing. You’ll see for yourself when you watch the film, but it has a few separate narratives, happening at different times, which it skips back and forth between. It’s very clever, and I couldn’t help but marvel at what I was seeing as everything came together.

This is one of the most heartbreaking and dark films I’ve ever seen. Rightly so, too: it would be disrespectful to portray the events that occurred at Dunkirk in any other way. It is, however, a breath of fresh air for the war genre. Dunkirk is a film all about running away from the enemy rather than fighting them. There’s very little actual combat, most of which occurring in the sky, as the film focuses on the evacuation. But it works perfectly, and the plight of the soldiers is portrayed so accurately and brutally, and the overwhelming amount of death hits you hard.

I can’t criticise this film: you will be on the edge of your seat, with your head in your hands, watching through your fingers. For a shocking, terrifying, thrill-ride of a film, that doubles as a history lesson of one of the most important events in history, Dunkirk is the film to see.


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