Top 10 Albums of 2019

My favourite albums of this year, in order:

1. daveDavePsychodrama
Dave is one of the most versatile rappers around. The intense storytelling of 11-minute-long Lesley to the infectious energy of Location show just what this man is capable of. Saw him live and he put on an amazing show.
My favourite song: Voices is a song I keep coming back to.

2. hithStormzy Heavy Is The Head
A masterpiece by an artist who can do no wrong. Full of songs that will occupy my playlists all of next year.
My favourite song: Impossible to choose just one; Pop Boy and Do Better were pleasant non-single highlights.

3. postyPost MaloneHollywood’s Bleeding
I’m a huge Post Malone fan, and was so happy to see him live headlining Reading festival. This album is full of great songs, providing us with hits on hits on hits.
My favourite song: I absolutely love Die For Me featuring Future and Halsey.

4. edEd SheeranNo. 6 Collaborations Project
I loved Ed Sheeran’s No. 5 Collaborations Project, but this shows his new superstardom; no longer are small grime artists on the album, but artists at the top of the game feature on his songs. An album of hits.
My favourite song: Antisocial featuring Travis Scott is a banger.

5. kandkKrept & KonanRevenge Is Sweet
This album was a pleasant surprise, and convinced me to go to see them at their landmark O2 show. An album again showcasing their versatility, with Goat Level and Revenge Is Sweet showing their famous wordplay, while they strip it back for Salaam and Broski.
My favourite song: Keep Talking featuring Stormzy and Cadet (RIP). The latter’s verse gave me goosebumps. What an artist he was.

6. noromeNo RomeCrying In The Prettiest Places
Technically an EP, but it’s so, so good. Seeing him support the 1975 and then again at Reading was a joy, as his songs are so infectious and he’s really found his sound. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next from him.My favourite song: Cashmoney, but the whole EP is shining with creativity.

7. quadQuadeca Voice Memos
One I’m sure most won’t have heard of. Rapper Quadeca is making a name for himself as a music artist after making it big on youtube. This album is genuinely amazing, and I had it on repeat for a while when it came out.My favourite song: There’s a few great ones on here, but Uh Huh! takes top spot for being so. damn. catchy.

8. erysJaden SmithERYS
I’m a huge fan of Jaden’s music, and loved SYRE, so was excited to see what he did with this sequel. It’s him back to his rapping, creative, artistic self. Seeing him live in London reaffirmed how good he is.My favourite song: The whole album is one continuous thing of beauty. I can’t choose one song.

9. stackoMoStackStacko
MoStack has been releasing incredible singles for years, so loved when we finally released his first album. It’s classic MoStack, with amazing beats and his catchy voice making every song really listenable.
My favourite song: Wild is the catchiest song of the year for me.

10. billBillie EilishWhen We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?
Only not higher because I didn’t listen to it that much, but I can’t ignore the astronomic rise of this 17-year-old sensation.
My favourite song: Bad Guy. Obviously.


Honorary mentions

S-X True Colours
Top song: Come Alive

Lewis CapaldiDivinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent
Top song: Someone You Loved

Nafe SmallzGood Love
Top song: Bad To The Bone

Juice WRLD (RIP) – Death Race For Love
Top song: Desire

KhalidFree Spirit
Top song: Saturday Nights

SkeptaIgnorance Is Bliss
Top song: Greaze Mode

Little SimzGrey Area
Top song: Venom

AJ TraceyAJ Tracey
Top song: Ladbroke Grove


This list is purely based on my own tastes and what I’ve enjoyed listening to. It’s obvious I haven’t ventured far from my favourite genres and artists, so if you have any good recommendations, do leave a comment so I can check out some different artists.

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