Song Focus – Lana Del Rey & The Weeknd – Lust for Life

“There’s no stopping now. Green lights forever”

Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd combine their incredible voices on this sensual single from Lana’s upcoming album of the same name, Lust for Life.

Lana delivers exactly what she is known for in this track; slow, sexy vocals, vibrant imagery ‘there’s no more night, blue skies forever’ and themes of romance running through the lyrics. She co-wrote the song with, and features The Weeknd, who brings back the style that made him so popular with his first studio album, Trilogy. It’s very reminiscent of the ‘old’ Abel, the guy who sang over slow instrumentals with his dark and mysterious persona and beautiful singing voice, rather than the dancey, charismatic version of The Weeknd we saw in his most recent work, Starboy.

The song encapsulates Lana and Abel’s love for the life they are living, and you get a real sense of positivity from the lyrics. The moments which they spend with the people they love, doing what they love, is what gives them this lust for life and reminds them how good life is.

The chorus leaves little to the imagination, with ‘Take off all your clothes’ ringing from both of the featured artists. It’s slow, it’s sensual, and it’s captivating. I love the part of the song where it shifts to the ‘and a lust for life’ echoes through the speakers. Not only does it sound beautiful, but the message behind it is also really nice, as they express that their love of life is what makes them feel alive. The Weeknd proclaims that ‘we’re masters of our own fate’ and I resonate a lot with this as I am a strong believer in getting from life, what you put in.

Both Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd excelled themselves in this single. Their voices work so brilliantly and compliment each other, and although we’ve seen glimpses of this in past collaborations, none have been as successful, and captivating, as the performance they both give in Lust for Life.

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